Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Week 2 Part 2 and Week 3

Hi all,

Sorry i didn't update this on Sunday.

Well only a few days to go now and i'm keen on getting home.

Just doing a few small trips out and about now, although i did go to Perth Zoo and took loads on pictures so as soon as i can they will be uploaded and added here.

Sorry this blog wasn't one of those epic travel blogs, but things just didn't happen that way.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Week 2 Part 1

Hi all,

Just a quick post to update, the blog on some details.

I've decided to cut my trip short and i'm due to fly home on the 20th April, this is much shorter than the advertised 3 months but i have just decided Australia is not for me and i'll leave it at that.

As for photo's the internet only has a 1mb upload where i am so i've limited my uploads to friends and family but as soon as i am back i will post some photos to the blog.

Got a few things planned this week and will post an update later in the week.


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 1

Hi everyone,

So here we are week 1 of my trip to Australia, and already changes have been made to the trip.

Due to personal reasons the trip is being cut short from 3 months to around 4 weeks, but i'm happy with that and will work around it.

Already i have been into Perth city, and visited Kings Park and walked around the CBD. I plan on going back a few times just to look around and do some photography and shopping :-)

I've also been to Serpentine Dam and Falls, and plan to go back to the Falls for a dip.

Other than that it's just been a week of settling in and getting used to the heat :-) it's been in the 30°C's for most of my trip so far and for someone from the east of England that's bloody hot, lol. it's nice in the evenings at around 18-20°C.

I've also been to the beach a few times and it's nice to see some clear water, lol.

That's all for this week, i'll try and upload some photo's this week and post them in my next update until then...

Friday, 8 March 2013

Time flies....

It's only 22 days until I fly to Perth for 3 months, for what I hope will be an amazing trip.

Still got lots to sort out but I'm getting there, I've been thinking about some photography themes for the trip as it's going to be a big part of my time away and in the next few days I'll make some pages for the themes I've come up with so far, so keep an eye out. If you have some suggestions please feel free to comment :-)

Over the next 22 days, I've got my next injection at the nurse :-( last one made me sick for nearly 2 weeks and my arm really hurt where she stabbed me with the needle.

Also got to get some bits and bobs for the trip as well as sort out my camera gear, I've sold my Canon 400D and will be using my new Samsung NX1000.

I'll post another update before I fly and again while I'm travelling.

Until then, stay safe peoples


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Welcome along

Well after many years I'm finally going to Australia, I visited New Zealand when I was young and always wanted to travel that direction again and now I am.

Some good friends of mine moved to Perth a few years ago and having visited them when they lived in Germany and Scotland it seems only right to visit them again :-)

I'm going for 3 months which is a little bit frighting but also very exciting at the same time, my plan is to visit a few things in Perth but to just relax and have a great time visiting friends and taking loads of photographs and enjoying the sun :-)

As this is a treat to myself (See about me) I've decided to fly business class, not only for the experience but for the leg room as i'm 6ft 4" and don't fancy the economy class. I'm flying with Qatar Airways on Sunday 31st March from Heahrow and this is the route I'll be taking.

A) Ipswich, UK (Home for 29 years)

B) Qatar (Stop over for a few hours)

C) Perth, Australia

I'll be taking photographs from the moment I take my seat on the plan to the day I leave and will update this blog as I go, so be sure to subscribe :-)